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When it comes to genealogy research, there are so many ways to love your local library. Don’t overlook this fantastic resource because there is […]

Genealogy Resources at the library 

You don’t know Google: PART 2 Examine the information before clicking on the blue link. Line 1: Blue text. This is the title of […]

You don’t know Google: Part 2

Most people on the internet know how to conduct a Google search. Google is that giant search engine that searches the entire content of […]

You don’t know Google!

If you are new to researching genealogy online, as I am sure you have discovered there are very different methods for gathering information than […]

First Steps in Online Research

The first step in organizing your genealogy documentation is to decide whether you will be documenting with paper or using a computer, software, or […]

Paper or Digital?

Welcome to the new Root Pursuit website! We are excited to start this journey. The website is dedicated to sharing genealogy tips and tricks […]

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