Genealogy Resources at the library 

Love your library

Love your library

When it comes to genealogy research, there are so many ways to love your local library. Don’t overlook this fantastic resource because there is so much that it can offer. Libraries have free internet access, books on researching genealogy and local family history books. One of the very best resources that many libraries have to offer are in-house use of memberships and HeritageQuest Online memberships. Ask your librarian what other resources the library has to offer genealogy research, you might just be happily surprised. – the world’s largest family history index.

HeritageQuest Online– a collection of genealogical and historical sources including the U.S. Federal Censuses, books, local and family histories. Contact your librarian to help you set up this account, once your account is set up you can access from your home computer. You must have a library card to set up a HeritageQuest Online account. For more information about what HeritageQuest has to offer, check out this great article at guide Family Tree Magazine 

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