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I have been fortunate to have hundreds of photographs of my ancestors prior to 1915. Some of them labeled, some not. On one line […]

Finding Elizabeth Pugh

In 2007, my dad decided to get a DNA test done to possibly assist with his genealogy research and to find out the source […]

My father’s DNA Test

Interviewing relatives is a key task in starting genealogy. I recommend interviewing as many people as possible because everyone has a different perspective on memories […]

Interview your People

  To get started finding genealogy on Facebook, please read the article below by guest contributor, Eric Orheim. Thanks, Eric!    Facebook can be […]

Secrets to your past on Facebook

Sometimes, it’s hard to know ‘how to’ begin with searching online when we are talking about the vast resource at our fingertips: the internet. […]

Step by step Online Genealogy Research

Best Free Online Genealogy Website Databases This list is for the best sites you can find for actually searching for ancestors and primary documents. […]

Top 10 Free Genealogy Databases

Most people are quite particular about spelling these days (I won’t mention the new millennials and their texting dialogue, but I digress). There is a […]

Willy-nilly Surname Spelling

Searching for our Roots
Where to begin… To get started searching your ancestry, there are a few pieces of information that can help you get started. The first […]

Basic facts to get started