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Attracting clients’ is the first and most important job in becoming a professional genealogist. There are a number of ways that genealogists can market their services.

Listing your company and services in the Root Pursuit Genealogists Directory can be a huge boost to drawing clients to your website. There are a number of business directories available on the internet to help get your name out there. Here are a few sites that give you some great lists of directories to add your business. Many of these directories are free, so if you are on a budget, start with the free ones first.

Root Pursuit now has its own Directory just for Genealogists and genealogy related services. Root Pursuit advertises and brings individuals looking for genealogy services (clients) to the directory so that you can be found there. The best part is that having your business listed in this directory is completely free.

Reasons to join:

  1. Root Pursuit markets the directory to potential family history customers – at no cost to you.
  2. By adding your website’s link to the directory you are increasing your ranking in Google search results – Everyone is talking about SEO (search engine optimization), well this is one way to improve your website’s SEO.
  3. It’s completely free.

How do I get listed in the Root Pursuit Genealogist Directory?

Add your information to the directory through this link!

If you have trouble submitting your listing through the link above, you can also send the following information to

  1. The name of your Website or Consulting Business – required
  2. Your website URL (ex: – required
  3. Your email address – this will not be published in the directory or on the Root Pursuit website. This email address is merely for us to contact you about your listing –required
  4. Your Country; State or Region; County, Parrish, or borough.
  5. Description: briefly list your offered services, locations of expertise, ancestry or nationality of expertise, and any libraries that you are available to travel to conduct lookups.

Don’t have a website?

To find out how to create a free website demonstrating your professional genealogy services, click here.


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