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Update 2-24-2017 Could Frank Hamilton and Gilbert Hamilton be the same person? Frank Hamilton Facts Gilbert Hamilton Facts Birth: Nov 16, 1852, Greater London, […]

The Mystery of Frank Hamilton

I wanted to share an article that was recently published on America’s Footprints blog. Please click the link below to read the article written by […]

Storytelling and Memories

Research Recap An effective search strategy for people living after 1940. It could be used to find long lost relatives or finding those elusive obituaries. In Google, […]

Genealogy Search Tips for Adoption!

I have been fortunate to have hundreds of photographs of my ancestors prior to 1915. Some of them labeled, some not. On one line […]

Finding Elizabeth Pugh

In 2007, my dad decided to get a DNA test done to possibly assist with his genealogy research and to find out the source […]

My father’s DNA Test