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The 2017 United States list This is a great resource once you feel you have exhausted the big online directories and need a few […]

Genealogy Research by U.S. State

Going over your Genealogy Again. Once an ancestor has been researched, it can be difficult to know how often should we go back and […]

Ancestors: Researching Again

Review: 35mm Film to Digital Conversion Do you have piles of these vintage slides stored in a box? Here is a great solution to having […]

Convert your old slides to Digital

Research Recap An effective search strategy for people living after 1940. It could be used to find long lost relatives or finding those elusive obituaries. In Google, […]

Genealogy Search Tips for Adoption!

  To get started finding genealogy on Facebook, please read the article below by guest contributor, Eric Orheim. Thanks, Eric!    Facebook can be […]

Secrets to your past on Facebook

Sometimes, it’s hard to know ‘how to’ begin with searching online when we are talking about the vast resource at our fingertips: the internet. […]

Step by step Online Genealogy Research

Best Free Online Genealogy Website Databases This list is for the best sites you can find for actually searching for ancestors and primary documents. […]

Top 10 Free Genealogy Databases

Most people are quite particular about spelling these days (I won’t mention the new millennials and their texting dialogue, but I digress). There is a […]

Willy-nilly Surname Spelling

Searching for our Roots
Where to begin… To get started searching your ancestry, there are a few pieces of information that can help you get started. The first […]

Basic facts to get started

When it comes to genealogy research, there are so many ways to love your local library. Don’t overlook this fantastic resource because there is […]

Genealogy Resources at the library 

You don’t know Google: PART 2 Examine the information before clicking on the blue link. Line 1: Blue text. This is the title of […]

You don’t know Google: Part 2

Most people on the internet know how to conduct a Google search. Google is that giant search engine that searches the entire content of […]

You don’t know Google!

If you are new to researching genealogy online, as I am sure you have discovered there are very different methods for gathering information than […]

First Steps in Online Research