Ebook – Marketing Strategies for the Professional Genealogist


Ebook – Marketing Strategies for the Professional Genealogist


Marketing Strategies for the Professional Genealogist.

This 31-page ebook is a non-fiction work about how to make a living as a professional genealogist, genealogist consultant, or freelance genealogist. This book is informative for those working in the fields of ancestry, heritage, family history, and genealogy. The main emphasis in this book is to apply new marketing and technology trends to the professional genealogist or aspiring genealogist. This book is for professional genealogists and family history buffs who would love to get paid to conduct genealogy research.

Content Description

  1. Market Segments within the genealogy industry.
  2. Writing a Business Plan.
  3. Detailed descriptions of services to offer genealogy clients.
  4. Lists over 30 Genealogy Services.
  5. Strategies for working from home as a freelancer.
  6. Advertising to potential clients.

Author: Kelly E Lee is a professional genealogist, the founder of Root Pursuit (rootpursuit.us), writer, and internet marketing guru.

Disclaimer: This Book is a revised and updated version of ebook, “How to Make a Living as a Professional Genealogist,” by Kelly E Lee.



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